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Why Us


From the beginning of your project, we will dedicate someone to help you from A to Z. Great! If not, we have a large portfolio of past projects and designs that we can help you come up with. If not, we have a large portfolio of past projects and designs that we can pull from to help you come up with a design that will make you and your client more satisfied.

Our production manager will be there to help you from the very beginning. He is trained in best management practices and he inspires everyone in the company to follow his lead. And our General Manager, although an engineer, has spent years studying the finer points of marketing and brand development. He provides you with a comprehensive and helpful set of helpers at every stage of your product's life, from design to launch.


All of our production is done in-house, by skilled workers on state-of-the-art machinery (yes, even custom work is done here by us). This allows us to utilize your entire budget and not divide the work among other facilities, allowing us to stick within your budget and design a financially beneficial proposal for you.

The fact that all work is done in-house also allows us to create prototypes in a timely manner, stay in touch with you at every step of the development phase, and create new prototypes as soon as you agree to any changes that need to be made.


We take great pride in being as environmentally conscious as possible. All of our wood is FSC certified.

We only use this sustainably grown wood for all of our crates and retail displays, helping to reduce our carbon footprint and that of our customers.