A-Frame Chalkboards

  • Wooden A-Boards
  • Wooden A-Boards
Wooden A-BoardsWooden A-Boards

Wooden A-Boards

  • ITEM NO.: ABG129
  • ITEM SIZE 130 x 73 cm
  • CARTON SIZE: 132 x 75 x 9cm 1SET/CTN
  • Description: Decorated with pinewood feet, the A-frame can be used on rainy days, and the sturdy black metal bracket supports the board when opened and in use. We recommend using waterproof posters in the snap
Multifunctional A-board for poster or blackboard information
Cork frame with brown pine natural finish
With cutting vinyl as the title-use the box above or send us your work
Easy-to-open/close 25-mm aluminum snap frame for quick and efficient poster replacement
A transparent plexiglass poster cover protects your poster