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Our Honor

Environmental protection

This is our important consideration.

Factory waste is recyclable, will not cause any harm to the environment, and is even beneficial to the growth of crops.

The construction of the spray paint workshop strictly follows the environmental protection requirements, and the waste materials generated by spray paint are treated in a non-toxic and odorless manner to ensure the safety of workers and the ecological environment.

All our accessories and packaging recommend sustainable and environmentally friendly materials. All this is exactly what Zhao expected, profit is not the ultimate goal, but common sustainable development is.


It has passed the BSCI inspection and certification, complies with the laws and regulations of the European market, and has international credibility. Accept the improvement and help of the inspection company to the management level and system level of the factory, improve the sense of belonging of employees, improve the relationship between the factory and employees, reduce the potential risks of commercial use, and lay a worry-free development foundation for customer cooperation.


In the FSC supply chain, through accepting supervision, we have obtained more support and support from the government, and strengthened our basic management and environmental management while strengthening the connection with the management. The priority of forest management obtained through FSC has enhanced the competitiveness and strength of our products in the international market, and laid a worry-free foundation for the development of customers in the local market.

Our glory

Thanks to the following major customers for their recognition of our services in the past 20 years:

*Japan's largest home furnishing brand has been its largest supplier of similar products from 1995 to the present.

*The UK's largest supplier of discount home furnishings.

*Leading brand of British retail solutions company.

*The Dutch publicity brand company cooperates with more than 200 brands in the world.

*Spanish wooden box manufacturer, we do OEM for them and sell them all over Europe.

*The largest gift brand company in the United States has established a stable cooperation since 2019.

*American wooden box manufacturer, we do OEM for them and sell it on Wayfair.

My team hope to be helpful to customers' own business development!