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Summer Outdoor - Balcony & Terrace

Summer always makes you look forward to spending time outdoors in the afternoon sun. At the same time, various balcony and terrace outdoor product ranges have been launched.

The outdoor collections for summer 2021 are full of old trends, such as earthy tones and natural materials, as well as vivid contrasts and functional solutions.

Here are six trends for summer 2021 balcony and terrace products.

1. Elements close to nature

We cannot easily escape the allure of the natural materials trend. Dominating the interior is wood, mainly light wood, preferably of the Nordic variety. This summer, balconies and terraces are also in keeping with it. Also timeless material collections such as rattan and straw are quite popular.

Smaller details also bring unexpected effects. Make typical summer accessories (e.g. straw sun hats) a natural summer detail.

Rattan furniture continues to permeate the interior design scene, especially in larger furniture.

Natural materials make an impression on lighting fixtures, such as this bamboo woven wind lamp.

2. Comfortable outdoor lighting

In recent seasons, lighting has moved from being a 'mere' necessity to being an important part of home décor. Nowadays, luminaires are available in creative designs that immediately enhance the ambience of the home.

In the outdoors we see the dominance of wind lamps and lampshades made of natural materials, but the environment becomes more comfortable and creates a homely feel.

This summer's lamps provide a cosy ambience for outdoor spaces.

Natural materials are evolving in all their forms, even in lighting.

Break its intimate relationship with nature and make your own lanterns from glass bottles. The bottles are hung at different heights for a dynamic, more vivid impression.

3. An oasis of green dreams

In the past year, dealing with plants has taken on a whole new meaning. More and more people want to create their own oasis in their homes. In summer, whether the area is small or large, the key is still the more the merrier.

Mix large leafy greens in different designs with colourful flowers to create a summer feel. Ivy, small palm trees and the most loved plants of the 1970s are more hardy and stylish.

Dare to mix different varieties and designs to create a lively oasis

Give your balcony or terrace a harmonious environment full of greenery.

The key word for the season, that is the more the merrier, especially when it comes to plants.

4. A neutral palette

This season's natural selection of materials is best combined with neutral colours. The interior design world continues to adhere to the plain, timeless colour scale with the emphasis on beige, brown and white.

For summer we also have a contrasting effect with olive green and sleek black.

Breaking up the natural palette with black contrasts.

Browns and beiges permeate the summer palette. Feel free to combine colours together and dare to experiment with different colours.

White is another timeless neutral for this season and the next.

The whole set of foldable design is convenient for you to store and carry. Just fold it and store it in a compact location.
It is constructed of a durable powder-coated steel frame with smooth and solid fir wood boards that will remain intact for years to come.

5. Functional

Take inspiration from compact dwellings and decorate your outdoor environment with functionality in mind. No matter how large your outdoor space is, smart details will make a big difference.

With folding tables, you can easily fold up the table and maximise space when not in use.

The small, multi-tiered side tables not only increase storage possibilities but are also easy to move around when needed.

Folding tables are particularly practical for small balconies. Fold the table up when it is not in use to gain more floor space.

By combining work space and storage space in one, space can be saved without compromising on functionality and needs.

6. Textiles for the home and outdoors

Textiles highlight the harmonious natural environment of summer. Cushions, rugs and tablecloths are the perfect components to bring the outdoors into your home in one breath.

Now we have put even more attention to the outdoor rug, a cosy detail that could not be more appropriate for decorating balconies and terraces.

Materials range from durable polyester to polypropylene, with stylish neutral colours and patterns.

Looking for a durable outdoor rug? This earthy brown rug is made from recycled plastic bottles.

A patterned rug in neutral colours adds a playful expression without dominating.

Create a stylish contrast with dark and light patterned rugs.

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