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Summer Atlanta International Home & Gift Show closes with results exceeding expectations

"The Atlanta International Home & Gift Show is exactly what buyers and sellers need right now," said Bob Maricich, CEO of organizer International Market Centers (IMC).

"The buzz about the show quickly spread throughout the industry, and brands and buyers who didn't attend feel like they missed out on a great opportunity. We believe their demand to be part of the Atlanta show will accelerate the growth of the Winter 2022 show."

Pent-up demand for inventory has led retailers and designers to make big purchases. Rising attendance by major customers also resulted in a large number of orders.

Attendees came from all 50 U.S. states, with significant growth in visitors from the Midwest, and international traffic continued to recover with buyers from approximately 36 countries/regions.

Overall, Summer Atlanta 2021 far outperformed Winter 2021, with participation up nearly 55 percent and exceeding Summer 2019 by 85 percent, far exceeding IMC's pre-show projections.

Buyers Choose Atlanta to Do Business

Many retailers and designers chose the Atlanta show as the first show they attended after the pandemic break or the first show they ever participated in.

"Coming back to the Atlanta show feels like home," said Jorge Gonzalez, buyer and general manager of Draeger's HOME & Market, which has four stores in California.

"The security measures and the friendly attitude of the show staff at the Atlanta show put a smile on my face and gave me incredible hope for the future of our business and our brick-and-mortar stores!"

"This was the first show we have participated in as buyers and it was a great experience!" said Madison Clayborn, founder of new online retailer Clayborn Collection.

"By coming to the Atlanta show, we found a lot of what we were looking for to launch our company's business. We will definitely be coming back in the future."

Tammy Lopez and Maddie Morden of Personify Shop in Duluth, Georgia, posted on Instagram that.

"I think this was the most successful week we've had at the Atlanta show! It was so exciting to see reps and brands we hadn't seen in a while. We placed about 75 orders ...... I can't wait for all the new products to start flowing into stores ...... This holiday season will be on fire!"

Brands find the right buyers at the Atlanta show

Atlanta Show exhibitors also felt the significant impact of buyers returning to business with a surge in orders and many record exhibitor results.

Buyers were able to purchase from more than 8,000 product lines, including gift, gourmet, home décor, youth, lifestyle, personal care, stationery, tabletop and more than 1,000 product lines including temporary exhibits, double the number from the Winter 2021 show period.

The show's more than 1,000 gift and home décor showrooms also welcomed nearly 60 new, relocated or expanded brands into the show.

"The show was amazing," said Peter Schauben, principal of Appelman Schauben. "It's fantastic to see IMC's vision for Atlanta Next come to life at this show."

Cody Ables, CEO and founder of CODARUS, said, "It was great to be back in the exhibit hall with all of our product partners and regional managers, and it was great to see customers we haven't seen at the show since January 2020!"

"This week's Atlanta show felt like a blast from the past," said Paul Adams of PARC Packaging. "We haven't gotten this much business in years!"

"We are so excited to finally open our brand new showroom at the Atlanta Show on the 14th floor of Building 1," said Caroline Hipple, President of Norwalk Furniture.

"We've been hosting many new and old friends since we opened and look forward to being a more permanent part of this vibrant creative community!"

The Atlanta Home Furnishings Show had a record-breaking showing of brands in every category.

Vietri National Sales Director Hali Vradelis reported, "We had our biggest sales day ever - and it wasn't a small increase!"

The Atlanta Home Show saw record-breaking performances from brands in every category.

Vietri National Sales Director Hali Vradelis reported, "We had our biggest sales day ever - and it was up by a lot!"

Jack Abelarde, owner of 3 Kids Kompany, said, "The Atlanta show in July was a crazy great show - record breaking!"

The Atlanta show is also an opportunity for the brand to return to live events. "This is the first trade show we've attended in the last 18 months!"  says Henry Cornel of M. Cornell.

"We have missed the personal interaction with our customers over the past year and a half. There is nothing better than meeting a customer in person. The Atlanta show returns and we are so grateful!"

The Winter 2022 Atlanta Home Show will run from January 11 through January 18, 2022 (temporary exhibit hours are Wednesday, January 12 through Sunday, January 16).

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