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Retail Industry • New Development in the Post-epidemic Era!

In the post-epidemic era, the physical retail industry has had a huge impact on the retail industry in a special period. Retail stores in various industries are closing on a large scale; in the post-epidemic era, the physical retail industry is facing new challenges and opportunities. In the 5G era, The advent of new retail will bring more efficient and faster operation mode to new retail. 5G is a "new infrastructure" for the high operational efficiency of enterprises.

Consumers' behaviors and attitudes have changed after the epidemic. New retail is a way to seize user brand operations through new technologies, online and offline.
*The first one is that the retail experience and products must be greatly upgraded, and must be in line with the current market operation and maintenance.
*The second new thing is the change in the people's buying concept. The aesthetics and needs of the post-85s, post-90s, post-95s, and post-00s are different.
*The third new thing is new technology. Whether you are doing upstream brand retailing or end-channel retailing, if you cannot make good use of these new technologies, you have limitations that cannot be ignored.

We have observed that retail companies in the post-epidemic era are accelerating their transformation from offline stores to online, building an omnichannel ecosystem, and providing consumers with better services by opening up multiple consumption scenarios. Some brands have also made efforts to transform offline stores, or reshape the store experience through innovation, and set sail again under the new wave of the times.

Accelerate the digital transformation of stores, integrate online and offline development, and build an omnichannel ecosystem.

Efficiently use emerging channels to reach consumers, promote the flow of physical stores, and the ability to capture data and data operations. Only with data can consumers be identifiable, insightful, and serviceable, and only then can they reconstruct the "people, goods, and fields" in retail activities, and then create a new retail ecology.

Under the impact of the epidemic, coupled with increasingly digital consumer behavior, there are three major trends in two-line shopping, social shopping, and experience first. How we efficiently use emerging channels to reach and transform consumers and bring consumers to officially authorized stores is a need to solve Subject.

Establish online digital stores, online and offline store linkages to provide convenient services. Major electronic brands have opened online transaction channels one after another to reach more users through a combination of online and offline methods to meet their shopping needs.

Reshape the “iconic” experience of stores and strengthen the differentiation of physical stores

For example, ANTICA and Apple reshape the store experience through innovation, creating an immersive, trendy, and digital interactive experience to surprise consumers. New retail has opened up more service scenarios. As long as the pain points in a certain scenario of consumers are solved, the scenario can be triggered and the transaction increment can be triggered. So everything is a scene, and everything happens in scene transactions.

After the epidemic, many companies have seized the opportunity and achieved gratifying results, which are worthy of reference for more retail companies:

First, from the perspective of consumers, retail companies need to understand and perceive changes in consumers' consumption patterns and attitudes.

Secondly, from the perspective of the brand itself, re-examine the brand’s own information transmission, products, and channels. Through honest communication and sustainable operations, enterprises can gradually build social trust, create sustainable connections between brands and users, and provide better support services.

Thirdly, from the perspective of channels, accelerate the digital transformation of physical stores to online, and provide consumers with a more convenient and smooth shopping experience anytime, anywhere.

Finally, from the perspective of sustainability, retail companies not only need to be able to control cultural changes, but also to lead the direction with empathy and responsibility to achieve sustainable development and value growth.

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