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Bed Bath& Beyond Redesigns and Renovates New York Flagship Store to Provide Customers with a Modern, Omnichannel Shopping Experience

The 92,000-square-foot flagship store, located at 620 Sixth Avenue in Chelsea, showcases Bed Bath & Beyond's latest concept and how it has established a leadership position in the $180 billion U.S. home furnishings market.

The redesigned flagship store features an open view and improved layout, fully integrated in-store digital shopping services with the Bed Bath & Beyond mobile app, and a large selection of both house brands and well-known brands for every room of the home.

The flagship store renovation is part of Bed Bath & Beyond's $250 million, three-year project to transform its 450 stores.

"Last October, we laid out a bold strategic plan to put digital channels first and become an omnichannel retailer," said Mark Tritton, president and CEO of Bed Bath & Beyond.

"A key component of our plan is to modernize our stores and significantly enhance the in-store shopping experience while optimizing its role in a digital-first omnichannel retailing that helps customers unlock the magic of every room in their homes.

Our flagship Chelsea Sixth Avenue store has been serving the local community for decades. We are proud to invest here and help restore retail normalcy to New York City for residents and visitors alike."

A reimagined showcase concept

The flagship store on Sixth Avenue in Chelsea, as well as other stores in the location, has been redesigned and recreated to better connect with customers.

Gone is the dazzling chaos of merchandise that "paralyzed" shoppers, replaced by low sight lines, wider aisles and neatly arranged products that inspire a residential experience and help shoppers.

The flagship store itself uses floor-to-ceiling windows to allow natural light to pour in, while the bathroom area features high-quality tile flooring to add to the "at home" feeling for customers.

The flagship store offers New Yorkers and visitors the most authoritative collection of home products for every room of the home, as well as a selection of health and beauty products.

The store's "one-stop shopping" also inspires customers to envision and create rooms that truly achieve their unique, personal style.

Diversified brand shopping experience

Bed Bath & Beyond has partnered with several premium brands to create unique experiences in its flagship stores, including.

Casper: This flagship store features Casper's first shop-in-shop, creating an immersive in-store shopping experience for Bed Bath & Beyond customers with its award-winning bedding and sleep sets.

Soda Stream: Bed Bath & Beyond proudly brings Soda Stream's beverage bar to its flagship store, providing a fun and engaging experience for customers to purchase and personalize Soda Stream bottles and beverages.

Live bartenders provide customers with drink ideas and classes while demonstrating how to use the machine.

In addition, the flagship store features more than 20 Bed Bath & Beyond owned brands and experiential shopping services from well-known brands, such as Dyson and Google Nest products.

Omnichannel Shopping Services

Bed Bath & Beyond's flagship store and store renovation project reinforces the company's commitment to becoming a digital-first, ubiquitous retailer.

Customers can upgrade their shopping experience by using Bed Bath & Beyond's mobile app, which enables them to better navigate the store, view additional product information, and create favorites lists through an "in-store shopping mode.

QR codes are prominently displayed throughout the shopping process to create an "easy gateway" for customers to easily purchase additional colors and sizes of products.

In addition, the reopened flagship store offers an innovative "scan and buy" feature that allows customers to shop immediately, eliminating the need to stand in line at the checkout.

The flagship store also features a dedicated pick-up area to provide customers with quick and easy online order pick-up, all within one hour of placing an order, and the ability to accommodate same-day delivery orders throughout Manhattan.

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