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Grammy Home's comprehensive guide for buying chalkboards!

What is a chalkboard?

A chalkboard is an information carrier that is usually written in chalk or directly drawn with advertisements. They are usually rectangular with a black surface. The high-quality chalkboard can easily remove the chalk mark, and because it can write new information repeatedly, it is used most in the hotel industry and is used in the kitchen or as home decorations.

Why is the chalkboard a good practical tool or decoration?

The chalkboard is decorative in nature and looks rustic in appearance. The handwritten information in multiple colors will always be more eye-catching. From this point of view, it is an excellent substitute for electronic displays and screens. They are also very suitable for the environment of some craft products, can be well integrated with the current decoration, and can be customized according to the customer's demand environment. Moreover, it is very easy to modify and redraw the message, which greatly reduces the cost of use.

What size chalkboard is best to sell?
Grammy Home's most popular chalkboard sizes range from A0 to A5. Of course, we can also customize different sizes and shapes according to your requirements.
Generally speaking, if your customer is for home use, the size of A1 to A3 is good enough.
For hotels and retail websites, smaller sizes will be suitable for information on dining tables, countertops, or bar tops. For example, A5 desktop wooden blocks look great.

Our A-boards are divided into 3 sizes: large, medium, and small, and use standard ISO sizes (A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, and A6). The image below compares these dimensions with a person who is 6 feet (182 cm) tall so that you can imagine how big you want the chalkboard sign to be:

What types of chalkboard s do you have for me to choose?

Grammy Home's own factory manufactures blackboards. Many years of experience have allowed us to develop chalkboards for different purposes in different fields. Whether it is indoor or outdoor, waterproof or non-waterproof, it can provide a monochrome or color printing design, which can be used in kitchens and restaurants. Or use it in the children's room.
Usually, a large rectangular chalkboard or A board is an ideal choice for clubs, pubs, bars, cafes, and large-scale events. They are very suitable for long-distance reading.
Small size, such as A5 size, is more suitable for placing on the top of the counter or bar.

What is the best-selling chalkboard on the market?


Rectangle, this is the most retro and common way:

*The big chalkboard can be used as a wall full of the information you want to express, leaning against the wall, outside the store, or fixed to the wall.
*Chalkboard with a solid wood frame, usually the logo will be printed directly on the chalkboard for display, and hang like a mirror or a picture frame.
* Installed on a movable easel can be used as an independent sign, at a suitable height for people to read.
*The A-Board can be placed on the sidewalk or at the corner of the street.
*Small size chalkboards can be placed on the table vertically or through different angles.

Of course, we also recommend the use of irregular-shaped silhouettes in the retail industry, which can help people more easily understand the promotional activities you want to express. Irregular shapes such as heart, oval, or product outlines such as wine and beer bottles, cakes and muffins, books, animal-shaped silhouettes placed in butcher shops or farms will match the product more easily and can be easily displayed and provided help.

How to hang/place the chalkboard?
Usually, chalkboards can be hung on the wall like ordinary picture frames,

Note, however, that you need to be safe when removing the chalkboard from the wall. We usually recommend that customers use D-rings, which are accessories that can wrap around a screw-like fixture and keep it flush with the wall. If the weight is appropriate, you can also use screws to fix it on the wall. If you want to equip customers with drill holes or include hooks, we will certainly think of this for you!

Another commonly used alternative is to use the chalkboard with the easel stand. As we all know, the easel stand is a sturdy tripod, including a horizontal stand, this stand can be unfolded, hooked, and then the chalkboard can be placed on it tilted. This placement method is very suitable for scenes where information needs to be displayed in the middle of open space, at the entrance, or on the stage.

For smaller blackboards, they can be placed on the counter, bar, or table with wooden block brackets. These wooden blocks are the simplest solution for fixing a small chalkboard.

Are chalkboards more durable than whiteboards?

All chalkboards in Grammy Home use FSC wood from a known source of renewable resources. Wood is a versatile natural product, and it will last longer when combined with a durable coating. In comparison, when whiteboards are no longer resistant to ink and difficult to clean, they usually become troublesome. In this way, the use of the chalkboard is more flexible, and it can be reused by repainting after years of use.

Which pen is more suitable for blackboard use?

Traditional cheap plaster-based chalk is recommended, but it may be dusty when used, and it is not easy to clean it. The water-based blackboard pen has a felt tip, which feels more natural to use and has more choices of colors. It only needs to wipe with a damp cloth to get a very clean and tidy surface, without dust and less harmful to the environment and the body.

What is the "ghost" on the chalkboard?

When the ink of the old chalk or chalkboard pen is absorbed into the chalkboard and cannot be removed, ghosting occurs over time. It usually needs to be cleaned several times with a special detergent, and the special chalkboard coating of Grammy Home can effectively prevent ghosting.

How to clean the chalkboard?
The chalkboard needs to be cleaned regularly, especially when writing new information or drawing new designs.
Grammy Home recommends wiping with a wet microfiber cloth. If you want to completely remove chalk and dirt, please use a degreasing product or some cleaning agent.

If your blackboard has a printed pattern, please use a soft cloth to wipe the surface of the dust.

Can I print my logo or design on the chalkboard?

of course! Grammy Home can be printed directly on the chalkboard surface. Just buy any blackboard product and send us your logo, it's that simple.

Why is the chalkboard in Grammy Home great?
Each chalkboard is handmade in our factory. We cut FSC board by machine, but spray each board by hand. The CNC machine precisely cuts the board into the design you need, and it is hand-polished to obtain the perfect product. Our technicians can meet your design requirements by drilling or installing fixtures. The packaging department will pack and box it, and then use our long-term forwarder to transport it for you, one-stop service, fast, and large quantities.

Who should I contact to make my chalkboard?

Our team can help you analyze the product you want. You can make a sample for reference first, and then make a mass product after all the details are satisfied. Contact Us.

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