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Home and interior decoration 2022 color prediction

Trend Bible's 2022 Color Trends outlines the six shades selected by color experts based on the agency's seasonal trend forecast for 2022. These directional but commercially viable tones represent the core of family life.

The 3 sets of colors predicted this time is home and interior decoration colors.

Home and interior decoration 2022 color prediction

PANTONE ® 18-1651 TCX

(From left to right: Glenmore Print, Seba Morales, Polina Miliou, Sophie Lou Jacobsen, Ditto House.)

After experiencing a turbulent era of cruel truth and major social changes, people wholeheartedly accepted the strange, surreal and otherworldly escape from reality.

When residents explore the dream state as a channel of creativity, the luminous colors can free them from the shackles of real life. Cayenne encourages curiosity and stimulates imagination.

Sheepskin, PANTONE 14-1122 TCX

(From left to right: Shine by Sho, Kaschuba Hommage, Monologue, Pierre Yovanovitch, Lucia Koch, Six N Five.)

By 2022, consumers will make new investments in their home environment while seeking to slow the current pace of life. In view of this, the home became a sacred sanctuary. The precious warm night is spent in a nourishing room, away from noise and disturbance. Soothing neutral colors like sheepskin joined the movement against busy worship.

Sunflower, PANTONE 16-1054 TCX

(From left to right: Kankan London, TrendBible archive, Toniton, Terra+Tint, Dello Studio, Baars-Bloemhoff.)

After the economic recession, social unrest, and global pandemic, consumers are driven by optimistic and happy needs. Residents seek to surround themselves with constructive influence and pleasant design. At home, art, color, shape, and materials are all integrated into this positive aesthetic. A pleasant yellow like a sunflower is the perfect antidote to the seriousness of modern life.

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