Quality Management System

Blackboard, restaurant and bar supplies

Wooden boxes, pallets, boxes (for storage, packaging and kitchens)

Wooden jewelry racks and storage boxes

Wooden floor displays cabinet/sale cabinets

Wooden pet shelve, pet nests

Wooden propaganda signs

Why do we confidently claim that we are the most suitable supplier of the above products?

27 years of home improvement manufacturing experience shows that the more you focus on correct positioning and product quality, the more likely you are to find a way that suits you.

1. For more than 20 years, we have been focusing on these categories. The experience of 50+ European and American customers tells us how to choose the style and quality level that suits the customer's budget according to the customer's budget.

2. Fully automatic cutting machines, engraving machines, drilling machines, laminating machines and automatic painting workshops with the highest production standards... Mechanization is the best way to ensure product accuracy and efficiency. Over the past 27 years, we have rejected bad capital and followed a gradual development strategy, constantly eliminating outdated equipment, adding new production equipment, expanding the scale of the factory several times, improving the working environment, maximizing production efficiency and protecting the human rights and safety of workers.

3. The high degree of automation guarantees our production efficiency. The factory has containers shipped out almost every day. A record of 35,000 sets of wooden display rack orders was completed within 21 days.

4. Quality assurance is the foundation of our development. Each production link has a quality inspector for 100% inspection. There is someone to check the finished product before packaging. The sampling rate before shipment is as high as 10%, the highest in the industry. In the past 27 years, we have received hundreds of inspections from third-party inspection companies, with a rejection rate and a failure rate of 0%. We have become a leader in the industry and enjoy a high reputation in the industry.

5. Not all wood products on the market can be called "good quality".

We are an FSC certified supplier. We always use 100% green wood raw materials instead of wood that is moth-eaten, moldy or that does not meet environmental protection requirements to ensure quality from the source.

Some products have wrong dimensions, inaccurate colors and designs, improper fixation, cut corners during the production process, or are easily damaged and broken when displayed and used by consumers. Certain types of raw materials will not perform well in a humid environment, or perishable or worms will reduce their service life... These products may seem to be very low-priced, and the short-term cost for customers to purchase is very low, but long-term The overall cost of the product will become very high due to the endless troubles of quality and after-sales service.

Our internal quality inspectors are determined not to allow such products to enter the market.

6. When it comes to your margin, you have a choice.

The purchase price is low, the after-sales service is cumbersome and endless, and the overall cost is high. Or, the purchase price is reasonable, and the after-sales service is worry-free.

Our method is the second.

"He talked with you for a long time before placing the order, but then he seemed to disappear from the earth"

"When it comes to delivery time, he always has various excuses, as if your order has met the end of the world?"

"I found a quality problem after receiving the goods, no matter how  angry I get, he just like a robot and says “I'll pay attention next time”, but no any real solution.....”

Are you familiar with these scenes?

You will not encounter this situation in Grammy Home. The young people in our team will let you know that cooperation and development are a beautiful thing, from inquiry to continuous cooperation.