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About Us

Nowadays, building a simple small factory is very easy, it only takes 2 months from start to completion, after which they can be said to be with the lowest price and best quality suppliers, even if he built a warehouse only with storage and assembly functions, rather than a factory with real production capacity. Especially from 2012 to the present, due to the development of Google and various B2B websites, more and more such companies have registered through Google's advertising and appeared in front of you. This is why you think it is easy to find suppliers now, but difficult to find a reliable and experienced supplier, isn't it?

The Hengzhe factory was established in 1994. At the beginning of the reform and opening up of China, under the condition of government regulation of production and operation, there are only 6 factories were qualified and have capable of supplying wooden household products to the Japanese market through state-owned trading company. It;s our honor to be the main force among them.

Qingdao Grammy Home Interior & Gift Co., Ltd and Grammy Home brand was established in 2008, and began to expand the European and American markets except for Japan, and promote high-quality and reasonably-priced products to the world.

Relying on 27 years of experience in the production of wood products,

We have seen the rise and fall of some customer groups and brands, and we know:

1.Hard to grasp product design trends

2.Don't know the target market positioning

3.Tight budget

perhaps are the main obstacle for start-ups to develop the sending and receiving business. Which is why we always focus on building different things and allows greenhands who are so worried to know how to choose products and adjust the initial capital for their development. A practical solution to help and support them is what we should do.

"From the day we built the factory, my wish is to put pragmatism in the first place, not high profits." Our boss, Mr. Zhao commented: "In the household goods industry, we have taken the lead in a pragmatic and simple way for the supply. We are proud of the purpose of mutual development of business and customers, which has become our foundation and the success base for many brands."

Grammy Home is equipped with internal design, manufacturing, and quality management system and has certified many subcontractors for the following products, including but not limited to :

*Blackboard, restaurant and bar supplies

*Wooden boxes, pallets, boxes (for storage, packaging and kitchens)

*Wooden jewelry racks and storage boxes

*Wooden floor displays cabinet/sale cabinets

*Wooden pet shelves, pet nests

*Wooden propaganda signs